Boutique Wedding Floral Design & Styling in Savannah, Georgia

Andrea is one of the most creative floral designers I have ever seen. I can't say enough about the entire experience from start to finish!

-Mother of the Bride , Florals

Event Florals

Here at Gray Harper, It’s all about event experience – we want your florals to captivate your guests by creating interest and sparking a conversation. We are known for our inviting installations that feel more like custom artwork than flower arrangements. When designing a space – we think about the guest experience from start to finish. From the entryway florals to the small details at each place setting – our designs are one of a kind. We also strive to capture and express your personal style through flowers. Each different flower has a story to tell and we truly enjoying curating the perfect arrangements to tell yours!

Event Florals


Watching the entire event vision come to life on the day of your event is by far one of our favorite things! If you would like to hire us to not only provide your flowers, but also to assist your coordinator with styling, we will happily set up and style small personal items, invitations,  table top and other décor items. We’ll work side by side with your photographer to help capture those special details that make your day uniquely you. Day-of styling is an add-on service that can be added to your proposal at any time!

We also work with a variety of clients from the food, fashion, and wedding industries to style products for ad campaigns, websites and social media. If you are interested in learning more about our product styling services – please send us an email and we’ll be in touch shortly!


Event Design

Designing florals for your wedding isn’t just about flower types and quantities, it’s also about the design of your tablescapes and event space. What color linen will be used on the table where these flowers will be placed? What color bridesmaid dress will accentuate the bridesmaid bouquets? This service is crafted for clients who are interested in our keen sense for designing the overall look and feel for their events.

Event Design

I strive to create designs that highlight and accentuate the individual elements within them. From the largest peony to the tiniest lily, each has a purpose and plays an important role in the overall feel and event experience.


Andrea Harper, <em>flower guru</em>

Andrea Harper, flower guru

As a child Andrea remembers always loving flowers – picking gardenias in her backyard and sharing them with friends and neighbors and often doodling them in her sketchbooks, but her passion for floral design began around the age of twelve when a local florist paid her $5.00 to take her trash out at the end of each day. Andrea made her way into the floral shop, assisting with flower prep and clean up. She loved the sweet smell that came from opening a new box of garden roses and how alive and busy the shop became in the days leading up to Valentine’s day. Today she is still just as excited about opening a box of fresh flowers and truly loves working closely with each client to create bespoke florals for their events. Having earned both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Textile Design with a focus on conceptual installation art and transforming spaces through color and pattern, Andrea brings experience and knowledge into each event space she designs.

Jon Harper, <em>installation specialist</em><br />
Remy Harper, <em>flower child</em>

Jon Harper, installation specialist
Remy Harper, flower child

Andrea’s husband and best friend, Jon, can often be found at the top of a ladder on an event day. An Occupational therapist by trade (and during weekdays), his left-brained logic pairs well with Andrea’s right-brained creative ideas. He translates, builds and assembles every custom installation piece they create.

Remy is Andrea + Jon’s sweet baby boy. You won’t see him on an event day but you may catch a glimpse or two of him behind the scenes on social media. He loves playing outside and his first word was in fact, “flower”.

Danielle Voight, <em>project manager</em>

Danielle Voight, project manager

Danielle wears many hats on team Gray Harper. She serves as your main point of contact from the moment you inquire while also creating the most stunning proposals our clients could ever dream of. Her true gift is in nurturing relationships with our clients (and vendor partners!) while helping them bring their floral visions to life. Helping couples create a memory to last a lifetime is what drew her into the wedding industry. With 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, she harnesses her keen perspective on dimension, texture and form to design unique elements for all of our events.